Hey there, I'm Poya

I specialize in creating seamless and innovative software solutions. My journey in tech spans over 8 years, during which I've honed my skills in both front-end and back-end technologies.

I am passionate about leveraging tech to improve user experiences and bring ideas to life.

Full-Spectrum Development

Bridging the gap between innovation and functionality, my experience offers an integrated suite of services for full-stack development, cloud computing, and data analysis.

From dynamic front-end designs to robust back-end architectures, I bridge technology with innovation to create impactful digital experiences.

Full Stack Development
Proficient in full stack development, with expertise in front-end technologies like NuxtJS, VueJS, HTML and CSS for responsive and interactive web applications. Back-end skills include NodeJS for building scalable server-side applications and Python for data processing and scripting.

Also experienced in embedded systems and IoT with a strong foundation in sensors and protocols for IoT communication.

Cloud Technologies & Serverless Architecture
Expert in cloud computing and serverless architectures, specializing in AWS and Azure. Skills include deploying and managing cloud infrastructure with AWS services like Lambda, S3, EC2, and DynamoDB, and Azure equivalents.

Proficient in architecting scalable, high-availability systems and implementing CI/CD pipelines for efficient solution deployment.

Data Visualization & Analytics
Extensive experience in data visualization and analytics. Proficient in using tools such as Grafana for creating insightful visualizations, and programming libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, and ApexCharts.js & D3.js for custom data analysis and visualization solutions.

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